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Team building

  •     Do you want to improve the company spirit
  •     Do you want to release the steam?
  •     Do you want to improve the cooperation between your colleagues? 
  •     Looking for a special program for partners
  •     Looking for a program which is in the city and easy to access it by car and public transport?

Stop looking for more, we think we have a solution for you

Laser tag is a great team building activity for any sized company. The players have to use their tactical skills, they have to work together and use their special abilities by their role to successfully win the missions.

Every role's (soldier, medic, supporter, sniper) special ability is vital for the team so you have to think ahead make a strategy and you have to make it happen. For example, the medic is a key character because she/he can heal the others but medic cannot heal herself/himself. Other players have to keep the medic alive at all cost otherwise the loose extra lives. 

Contact us and we will make you special offers in short time.

On our Duna Plaza field, 70 players can play against each other. We can offer special features like soft drinks, snacks, sandwiches, pizza etc...


Prices and actions

  from monday till thursday from friday till sunday notice
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Attention! You can reserve a field only if you are older then 18 years. The reservation will be valid solely with the confirmation email. This kind of game is not playable in Budapest.
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