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Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

Let's do a last big fun party before the big day comes! ;)

You can choose any of our basic game packages or you can all hunt to the bride or bridegroom.

We have a special present ready for the players called the "hangover kit". This will save you and help you to survive the next day:). 

You can rent our special room for a little party after the games or we can provide you with catering services or just order a simple pizza for you.

We suggest you book our activity as a start of the party.

We have several options for the party:

  • a normal game of any type
  • 10 or 20 person party package
  • our special deal for 10 people (or more) special room, snack, hangover kit included
  • we can provide a catering service or you can bring your own


  • 2 hours of gameplay
  • maximum 10 players (or more if needed)
  • discounted price 35.000 Ft / 10 person 
  • free special room
  • unlimited snack
  • 1 free h
  • additional hangover kits can be bought for 2.990 Ft / pc


  • Hangover Kit backpack
  • sunglass
  • Mini shampoo & bath gel
  • toothpaste and toothbrush
  • tissue
  • Turbo chewing gum
  • 3 in 1 coffee
  • mineral water
  • A little bit of carbohydrate:) Cheetos
  • bath hat 
  • The most important stuff: surprise :)
  • bandage 
  • Aspirin+C
  • tips to survive the morning  :)
  • A coupon for free laser tag for an hour (in a value of 2190 Ft) 


If you have any further wishes or special needs just send a message to us and we will solve it for you :) 


We know drinking a little bit is part of the deal but we would like to ask you to arrive sober. Make laser tag as first activity as we can not serve drunk customers :) 


Prices and actions

  from monday till thursday from friday till sunday notice
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Attention! You can reserve a field only if you are older then 18 years. The reservation will be valid solely with the confirmation email. This kind of game is not playable in Budapest.
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