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Lasserforce aloldal főkép

Laser Force VIP equipments

2018. 07. 01.

The Laser Force VIP system is the most advanced system available on the market nowdays! The vest and phasers, the bases and the controller computer are communicating in real-time mode. 

The vest:

Superior Player Feedback

  • Customizable onboard music
  • Lock-on tone
  • Successful hit and separate shot sound
  • Vibrating hit recognition
  • Shoulder speakers right next to the ears delivers important real-time information

Onboard Computer

  • Tracks your performance during the game
  • Provides important feedback and advice to help you on your mission
  • Recognizes your skill level and skill level of all your opponents
  • Activated by players membership card
  • Recognises your codename

Suit Colors

  • Can change to 8 different colors
  • Change dynamically depending on players real-time ranking
  • Determined by skill level
  • Determined by team



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The phaser:


  • Made to fire single red, double red or green lasers.
  • Two hand detection system
  • Muzzle flash
  • Vandalism detection system

Special Features Trigger

  • Activate special abilities such as nuke and payback
  • Customise onboard music and skip tracks
  • Customise character class in role playing games
  • Report shots, lives and spcial point in space marines
  • Select and cast spells in dungeons & dragons



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